Sanden corporation

Sanden, sustainable manufacturing.
The Sanden Corporation in Japan, the headquarters of SandenVendo, is a machinery manufacturer supplying products for the Automotive, Vending and Living & Environment Business sectors.

Under its Management Policy: “to create corporate values for the environment”, the company is working on harmonizing environmental preservation and business activity whilst setting the environment as a core business objective.

Some of the environmentally friendly products developed by Sanden are:

  • - Eco-Cute (Domestic-use Heat Pump with CO2 compressor), a CFC free heat pump for vending machines with LED illumination, an automotive air-conditioning system which provides low energy consumption.
  • - The company utilizes its unique product environmental index in order to visualize the environmental performance of its products.

The company is also working on evaluating and analyzing the environmental burden from the material procurement stage to distribution, consumption and disposal stage of its products.

In particular Sanden is working on the conservation of biodiversity. The company established "The Sanden Forest/Akagi Plant" in 2002, a complex of manufacturing and forest areas located on the southern slopes of Mount Akagi in Gunma prefecture, Japan.

This site, established with the concept of developing "a factory for the 21st century in harmony with nature", introduced a large-scale, close-to-nature construction method for the first time as a private company which secures harmony and continuity with the surrounding environment. The company contributes to the conservation of the area through the protection of rare species. The company also utilizes the site by providing an area for natural environment experiences in cooperation with non-profit organizations.

In 2011, Sanden Corporation was recognised by The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), as one of the seven best practice companies in the world for “Sustainable Manufacturing”. In October 2012, the company participated the 11th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties held in India where it introduced its activities for sustainable manufacturing as well as activities carried out in the Sanden Forest/Akagi Plant.


Since 2002

Harmonious coexistence between nature and industry

  • 2008 METI Award
  • 2011 Introduced by OECD
  • 2012 MOE Award Introduced in COP11
  • 2013 Prime Minister Award
  • 2014 Introduced in COP12
  • Relationship with local communities
  • NPO Akagi Club
  • NPO Akagi Sizen-Juku (150 parties)
  • Akagi Eco-Tourism Promotion Committee