Addressing all your needs for small cooling capacities
SANDEN CO2 units have many advantages

Addressing all your needs for small cooling capacities

Natural and neutral refrigerant, without any environmental impact, non toxic, non carcinogenic and non flammable.
No explosion nor fire risks.

CO2 is complying with F-Gas II to ban refrigerants with high Global Warming Potential (GWP)

No CO2 bottle nor security valve, PED category 1

Extremely silent (49 dB at 1m.),  allowing their installations also in the city center

Inverter scroll compressor:  Adapting the power to the ambient temperature = energy saving

The most compact and the lightest units on the market (57 kg for the smallest unit, 135 kg for the most powerful one)

Low refrigerant charge

Low maintenance costs


All those features respecting the environment, technicians and end-users


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