SANDEN technology made in Europe
Thanks to the Sanden units, you are free from the chemical refrigerants, avoiding the mandatory retrofitting to comply with the legislation within time frames

SANDEN technology made in Europe

Natural refrigerant - Non-flammable, non-toxic

CO2 is one of the safest refrigerants. In case of accidental leak, there is no risk for the end-users or for the technicians.


Why utilize CO2 as a refrigerant?


Under any conditions, CO2 can not explode or catch fire


CO2 is a molecule that naturally forms in biochemical processes

Energy performance

SANDEN CO2 Technology is designed to surpass the performance of fluorinated gases

Neutral impact on the greenhouse effect

Global warming potential [GWP] = 1
Ozone depletion potential [ODP] = 0

Naturally compliant

Ecological and safe, CO2 complies with all current and future regulations


SANDEN is globally recognized and regularly rewarded for the quality of its products

Non toxic

Totally safe for technicians and end-users

Unlimited resource

CO2 is naturally present in the air and emitted by certain industrial processes

The refrigerants which are currently used in thermodynamics are chemical fluids of the HFC (HydroFluoroCarbons) family.

HFCs are very harmful to the environment since their impact on global warming is up to more than 2000 times compared to CO2!

The authorities have taken into consideration of this issue and are imposing increased restrictions on the HFC refrigerants use.


CO2 a solution for the future, respecting all current and future regulations

F-Gas European regulation (n° 517/2014) is the phase out of HFCs in commercial refrigeration in the future

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