Sanden Group


SANDEN, global expert in thermodynamics technologies, is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of heating and cooling solutions in the world. With 54 locations in 23 countries, SANDEN develops and produces:

  • - Complete systems for automotive air conditioning
  • - Heating equipment based on natural CO2 refrigerants
  • - Beverage and snack vending machines
  • - Refrigerated showcases

SANDEN high quality and innovative solutions improve the daily life of consumers and professionals all around the world. Keeping drinks fresh, air-conditioning car or heating home are one of our prime objectives.

SandenVendo GmbH

SandenVendo GmbH in Europe has been making significant advancements in the vending industry for many decades and is a powerful partner for excellence in quality, reliability and service.

We are a “one-stop shop supplier”, offering a wide variety of vending equipment for hot and cold beverages, snacks and ice cream, but also related products such as sophisticated payment systems and premium coolers.

Originally based in Dallas, Texas, USA, SandenVendo GmbH continues to deliver the highest standard product diversity since the beginning of its operations over 80 years ago.

As part of the Japanese Sanden Corporation since 1988, Sanden International (Europe) Ltd is your global partner in vending and cooling technology, backed by numerous production and service facilities around the world.


Retail system

30% Global Market Share

Automotive system

25% Global Market Share


SANDEN, global specialist in heating and cooling technologies, are recognized as one of the leading companies in thermodynamics both in the automotive industry and mobile appliances such as food refrigeration.

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